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3rd July 2022 

Individuals: I aim to help you to:

  • Manage anxiety, stress and the frightening stress signal of panic attacks by looking at coping strategies and self-care tools
  • Explore how to, over time, lift yourself out of feeling low or depressed by changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour and self-defeating patterns of thinking
  • Understand why your relationship is going wrong and maybe alter thinking and behaviour to improve current and future relationships
  • Improve relationships by giving a safe space where you can understand what makes you tick and how you want to be with people
  • Grow in confidence and improve self-esteem by providing a therapeutic relationship which encourages personal growth
  • Find yourself when abuse or trauma has stolen your identity
  • Navigate through the bewildering and physical pain of loss and bereavement and learn how to re-build your life around the loss
  • Understand why a life event is affecting you so deeply, find coping strategies that support you through the dark times and, with new resilience, find a path towards greater control over your life

Thought of the Month

*By doing the work to love ourselves… we will love each other better.*
Laverne Cox

The counselling relationship is a special one; The weekly 50 minutes is all about you and in life, we rarely get that opportunity where the focus is just one-way. It gives you space to really think about the way you approach life and react to the outside world. I explain to clients that the counselling work is a bit like peeling an onion – there are different layers to unravel and it is a gradual process - exploration goes one layer at a time. As you begin to understand yourself better, it comes with the opportunity to accept yourself. This takes time – it doesn’t happen overnight. But once you have the self-acceptance, then you’re relationships with others improve.