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2nd December 2021 

Couples: I aim to help you to:

  • Get your relationship back on track by giving a safe place where you can talk together
  • Have a deeper understanding of the trigger points in your relationship so that alternative ways of settling differences can be reached
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner so that it is supportive and inquisitive rather than hostile
  • Understand how the differences between you and your partner are an opportunity for you to develop new aspects of yourself
  • Understand why an affair happened
  • Understand why you chose your partner in the first place
  • Learn new ways of nurturing your relationship and identify its strengths
  • Or, support you to separate with grace and integrity if that is your chosen path

For Couples, the emphasis is on your relationship although by looking at how your relationship is with your partner, you will begin to understand how your relationship is affected by both your pasts. By its very nature, couples work is more directive than individual work and tends to be shorter term.

Thought of the Month

"I love you no matter what you do, but do you have to do so much of it?"
Jean Illsley Clarke

A rather glib quotation but one that can sum up what being in a partnership can feel like. But when the minor irritations tip over into angry confrontations that result in both of you feeling unheard, unsettled and unloved, then it’s a sign that feelings and needs either aren’t being communicated, heard or both. My work with couples explores how you communicate with each other and facilitates different ways of communicating, helping you both to communicate your feelings and needs so that you both feel heard and understood.